For Flowers:

Change the water every 2-3 days, best would be changing it everyday. The difference is visible. Trim the stems at 45° on receiving them before putting them in a vase/jar, this would allow the flowers absorb more water with a larger surface area.

Keep them away from direct sunlight and heat. They love cool environment, optimum range is 10-15°c. That also explains why fresh bouquets could be kept for a much longer time in winter.

For Plants:

Different plants have different care instructions. Specific care instruction is available on the plant's product page, you can visit again and reference it.

In general, do not over-water your plant, this would easily suffocate their roots. Make sure they are placed in a well-lit spot. Same as most flowers, most of them do not need long hours of direct sunlight. Watering your plants in early morning is also good for them.


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